Manage your freelancers` paperwork and payments with Solar Staff.

Simplified workflow

Solar Staff is a general contractor that unifies all your payments to freelancers. You can sign a single contract with Solar Staff instead of having separate agreements with each contractor.

Automated Payments

Transfer money to a freelancer’s MasterCard or VISA issued by any bank in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, with just a few clicks.

Proper Documentation

At the beginning of each month, we’ll send you a complete set of accounting documents.

Our services cost 6 - 10%. Fill in the form below and we will send you a quote.

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Solar Staff automates all paperwork and payments to your freelancers and distributed teams.


  • Simple scaling

    Use as many experts as you need for the period you require.

  • Easy integration

    Solar Staff integrates easily into existing business processes due to API and importing/exporting files.

  • More efficiency

    Your employees concentrate on business goals instead of spending their time on paperwork and micromanagement.

  • Optimized paperwork

    You only sign a single contract with Solar Staff, instead of having separate agreements with each contractor.

  • Copyright transfer in one click

    The transfer process is automated and is consistent with International law.

  • Proper documentation

    At the beginning of each month you will get a full set of documents required for tax reporting.

  • Easy payments

    Contractors are paid directly to their VISA, MasterCard, QIWI, WMR or WMZ e-wallets in two clicks.

  • Fast start

    Register to get started; all documents are signed electronically and kept in your Solar Staff profile.

  • Quick and convenient payments

    Team members receive money to their bank cards or e-wallets.

Customer stories

Stanislav, Entrepreneur

I never thought that managing paperwork and payments for freelance workforce could be an issue.

But as your business grows – transaction costs pile up and managing the documents takes time.

I think nothing demotivates workers more than bureaucracy, so I am happy to have Solar Staff for these tasks.

Paul, HR Director

Skillfully managing a distributed workforce is the cornerstone of our business model. But scaling the model was not easy – our accounts team was exhausted with bookkeeping and payments management for our foreign workforce.

Solar Staff helped us to solve this problem – now it takes just a few clicks to pay anybody anywhere.

Ann, Account manager

As a manager I love freelancers – they work fast and get the job done. But our financial team used to hate them, because they generated additional paperwork and transaction costs. Not anymore – Solar Staff manages all our freelance payments,eliminating hidden payment fees and standardising the docflow.